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About Business Leadership Today

Business Leadership Today LLC is a media company that publishes well-researched, highly-valuable content to help leaders create and sustain world-class organizations that make a positive impact in the lives of employees and society.

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We also publish business leadership podcast episodes, many of which consist of interviews with top thought leaders, both on our website and on a number of podcast directories.

And, we publish business and leadership videos on our YouTube channel.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all leaders and workplace cultures consistently make a positive impact on the growth and well being of team members.

We believe that this would create the conditions for a permanent end to poverty, violence, and other unnecessary suffering.

Our Mission

We create and distribute content that helps leaders to build and sustain world-class teams and organizations, inspires them to make the growth and well being of team members a top priority, and helps them to more consistently lead in this way.

Our Team

Grisel Marsh

Grisel Marsh

Chief of Everything

Muriel Call

Muriel Call

Staff Writer / Editor

Caleb West

Caleb West

Technical Director / Podcast Manager