What Are Employee Retention Costs?

Employee retention costs are extremely high for companies experiencing high rates of turnover, with organizations in the US losing a trillion dollars yearly due to voluntary turnover. It’s estimated that the replacement of an individual employee can cost up to two times that employee’s annual salary.

How Do You Improve Employee Retention?

You improve employee retention by fighting attrition. We need to fight to keep our people, and we need to work hard to help employees engage in their jobs. When it comes to retaining good employees, a defensive mindset is better than an incentive/rewards approach because it fosters vigilance.

How To Maintain Employee Retention (4 Steps)

To maintain employee retention, companies have to offer employees a culture that meets their needs in a work environment where they feel valued by also offering the less tangible benefits employees are seeking. In this article, we’ll explore four things organizations can do to maintain employee retention.

How To Measure Employee Retention Success (4 Ways)

In order to determine how well an organization is doing at keeping employees, employee retention should be measured regularly, and these measurements should be a central component of its retention strategy and engagement initiatives. In this article, we’ll explore four ways to measure employee retention success in your organization to ensure your retention strategies are working.

What Are Employee Retention Practices?

Employee retention practices improve the chances employees will stay because they improve employee engagement. Establishing an organizational culture that guides workers and gives their work meaning, providing development opportunities, and fostering autonomy are just a few practices that can boost retention.

Three Ways To Retain Employees

There are three ways to retain employees and stop the talent swap. By infusing the three strategic elements of cohesion—belonging, value, and mutual commitment—into their cultures, it creates increased levels of performance and high engagement among team members, reducing rates of turnover.

How Employee Retention and Turnover Are Related

Employee retention and turnover are related because high levels of retention lead to lower rates of turnover. Retention and turnover metrics can provide powerful insight into employee experience, engagement, and satisfaction, as well as an organization’s level of cultural buy-in from employees. 

How To Improve Employee Retention (5 Steps)

Being in the enviable position of having many talented candidates vying for positions in your organization, and being able to retain these talented employees, may not be as complicated as you think or as difficult to achieve. In this article, we’ll explore five steps to improving employee retention in your organization.

How Benefits Help Retain Employees

Benefits help retain employees by meeting their needs in a way that is designed to engage them and keep them engaged. Competitive comprehensive compensation packages help organizations attract and keep top talent and can lead to greater employee satisfaction, making it more likely employees will stay.