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Muriel Call, Staff Writer

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Most organizations know that one of the most important factors in determining success is the quality of the managers in the organization. In fact, research from Gallup suggests that the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in an organization’s long-term success.

According to, in the US alone, companies spend around $200 billion a year on leadership development programs.

Unfortunately, research suggests that roughly 85% of training programs fail to create any lasting behavioral change, and thus are nothing more than perks. They do not provide any significant return on investment, other than what can be accounted for as a result of some temporary inspiration.

Once I stumbled upon this information, I delved into the world of leadership development and training programs with the intention of finding one that guarantees results or offers a money-back policy.

Investing in leadership development and training programs can be a daunting decision, but, fortunately, there are options for organizations that want to safeguard their investment.

There are a few leadership development programs and leadership training programs that offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, and even one program that guarantees a 300% return on investment.

Below, you’ll find more details on each of these leadership development programs, as well as links to their websites.

PeopleThriver – A Leadership Development Program that Guarantees a 300% Return on Investment

The PeopleThriver leadership development program is a unique and innovative approach designed to develop highly effective leaders who can drive high levels of employee engagement and performance. 

This program also aims to help both managers and individual contributors to thrive both professionally and personally. To achieve this, the program employs a three-pronged approach. 

Firstly, the program provides an inspiring context that helps managers connect everything they learn to the bigger picture. The managers are frequently reminded that their primary role is to serve as coaches who consistently bring out the best in their teams. 

Secondly, the PeopleThriver program offers managers a clear path to consistently inspire greatness in their employees. 

The program helps managers develop habits for consistently meeting the 14 universal needs that employees have for being engaged at work.

Research from Gallup and others, spanning several decades, has demonstrated that in organizations with managers who consistently meet these 14 needs, employee engagement and retention rates are high. 

Thirdly, the PeopleThriver program employs micro-trainings that are spaced out every two to three weeks. This allows managers to have time to practice new behaviors and develop lasting habits before learning something new. 

These micro-trainings are synchronized with micro-feedback from employees to further engage managers. The virtuous cycle of employees giving feedback and almost immediately seeing meaningful action in response to their feedback helps build the confidence and trust employees have in their managers.

If you are interested in learning more about the PeopleThriver leadership development program and how it guarantees a 300% return on investment, please click the link below.

Leadership HQ – A Leadership Development Program With a Money-Back Guarantee

Leadership HQ specializes in providing exceptional leadership development programs and micro-credentials to individuals who aspire to grow their leadership abilities. The company offers practical and effective leadership strategies that prepare individuals to face the challenges of today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment. 

The Leadership HQ Leadership Essentials Program is designed to prioritize the development of future leaders and equip them with essential capabilities and micro-credentials through Veriskills. 

These programs cover key areas such as empathy, communication, collaboration, initiative, and drive, and are aimed at providing individuals with the necessary skills to thrive in the future of work. 

Leadership HQ believes in the significance of exceptional and daring leadership, especially during times of global obstacles such as an unstable economy, pandemic recovery, and the need to revamp the way we work. 

The Leadership HQ approach is driven by the belief that the most effective leaders are those who recognize that there is always room for personal growth and development. 

Leadership HQ is committed to providing quality leadership development programs to individuals, and as a testament to their confidence in the value and effectiveness of their programs, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the program does not meet the needs of individuals. 

If you are interested in learning more about Leadership HQ’s leadership development program, please click the link below.

Unicorn Labs – A Leadership Development and Team Retreats Company With a Money-Back Guarantee

Unicorn Labs specializes in coaching programs and team-building retreats aimed at transforming managers into leaders who can create and lead high-performing teams. 

Their team-building retreats are uniquely designed for startups that aim to improve their leadership capacity and team dynamics, with an emphasis on the power of bringing people together, building relationships, aligning strategies, building culture, and promoting growth. 

Their approach is centered around transformational team-building experiences, and they focus on intentional facilitation to enable teams to achieve their goals. The company offers a unique platform that helps cultivate leaders and transform teams into high-performing units. 

With over 100,000 individuals trained, Unicorn Labs specializes in a 12-week program called the Unicorn Leadership Development Program, which enables managers to transform into influential tech leaders by equipping them with the necessary skills to motivate teams and accelerate their professional growth. 

Unicorn Labs’ leadership development training program for managers is backed by research, and they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if clients are not satisfied with the leadership transformation. 

If you want to learn more about Unicorn Labs and their approach to team building and leadership development, please click the link below.

Bossed Up – A Woman-Powered Leadership Development and Career Services Company With a Money-Back Guarantee

Bossed Up offers leadership development and career services to women with the aim of closing the gender leadership gap, with an approach that values diversity and inclusivity and recognizes differences in women’s experiences based on age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, neurology, class, and culture. 

The organization’s philosophy is based on progress rather than perfection, as they encourage women to make steady, incremental movements toward happy, healthy, and sustainable careers. The community at Bossed Up believes in “lifting as we climb” and emphasizes the importance of creating courage through community. 

The company offers a variety of research-backed, outcome-oriented training programs that are available both online and in person, including Bossed Up Bootcamp, a weekend-long leadership training session; Level Up, a leadership program for first-time and aspiring women managers; and Speak Up, a live assertive communication course.   

These programs include interactive workshops, real-time skill-building, and group and individual coaching. Bossed Up also offers a job search accelerator called Hired.

Bossed Up provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you participate in the program for the first month and feel that it doesn’t suit your needs, you can receive an immediate 100% refund by emailing them. 

To learn more about Bossed Up and its initiatives to empower women, please click the link below.

Muriel Call

Muriel Call

Staff Writer / Editor

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