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Top 5 Workplace Culture Speakers


Muriel Call, Staff Writer

While many factors can impact an organization’s success, one element stands as the backbone of a thriving organization: workplace culture. This invisible yet palpable force shapes everything within an organization, from employee engagement and productivity to profitability. 

Workplace culture is the lifeblood that fuels the heart of a company, attracting and retaining top talent, fostering professional growth, and cultivating an environment of trust and respect. When culture is toxic and doesn’t support employees, it can be disastrous

Leadership conferences often shine a spotlight on this pivotal topic, with workplace culture being a recurring theme in workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches. The reason? The profound, far-reaching impact workplace culture can have on an organization’s success.

But with a sea of speakers each bringing their own unique insights and experiences to the table, how does one choose the right voice to inspire change? The task can seem daunting—not unlike searching for a needle in a haystack! But fear not, for we at Business Leadership Today have made the process much easier. 

After meticulously reviewing hundreds of speaker profiles, we’ve distilled the list down to our top five workplace culture speakers in the $15,000–$30,000 fee range. Each speaker brings a unique perspective, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and an infectious passion for workplace culture.

In this article, we invite you on a journey to explore these top five speakers. Though their approaches may differ, their goal is the same: to inspire and motivate leaders to cultivate exceptional workplace cultures and thriving work environments. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired to transform your workplace culture.

The Impact of Workplace Culture on Employee Engagement and Profitability

One piece is particularly influential in the complex mosaic of a thriving organization: workplace culture. It impacts just about every aspect of an organization and serves as a strategic tool that propels employee engagement and, as a result, profitability and success.

Research has shown that companies with high levels of employee engagement are 23% more profitable than their counterparts with low engagement. But what fuels this engagement? The answer lies in the heart of an organization’s culture.

High engagement is essential to a high-performing culture. Engaged employees bring their best selves to work, thinking critically, solving problems, and going the extra mile. They’re not just employees; they’re stakeholders who make sound decisions that align with the business’s best interests.

However, the power of workplace culture extends beyond business and the private sector. It’s often an underestimated factor in the public sector, but it’s just as important. 

Public sector organizations may not measure success in terms of profit, but they do strive for efficiency, effectiveness, and public satisfaction. A positive workplace culture keeps public sector employees engaged, motivated, and performing at their best. It fosters a sense of purpose, a commitment to the organization’s mission, and a drive to serve the public effectively.

What Makes a Good Workplace Culture Speaker?

When it comes to organizational development, workplace culture speakers hold a unique and influential position. The best ones aren’t just experts—they are catalysts for change, offering a wealth of perspectives, insights, and experiences on the art of cultivating a thriving work environment.

A great workplace culture speaker has the ability to identify gaps in an organization’s current structure. They don’t just point out the issues; they also provide tangible strategies for improvement and transformation. Their solutions are grounded in both evidence-based research and lived experience.

However, what truly sets a good workplace culture speaker apart is their ability to present information in a unique and engaging way that captivates audiences. They don’t just lecture; they tell stories, share anecdotes, and use compelling visuals to bring their points to life. Their presentations are interactive and dynamic, sparking curiosity and encouraging active participation from the audience.

Not only that, but a good workplace culture speaker helps audiences see challenges and situations in a different light. This shift in perspective can be truly transformational for a leader and their organization, inspiring new ways of thinking and promoting a shift in mindset that can lead to meaningful and lasting change.

A great workplace culture speaker is more than just a knowledgeable expert. They are a guide, a storyteller, and a catalyst for change, inspiring leaders and teams to create a positive and productive workplace culture that supports everyone.

How a Great Workplace Culture Speaker Can Inspire Leaders to Make Positive Changes

In the grand orchestra of an organization, leaders are the conductors, setting the tempo and harmony for their teams. But even the best conductors can benefit from a fresh perspective, a new approach, and a different tune. This is where a great workplace culture speaker steps in.

A great workplace culture speaker is not just a presenter; they are a catalyst for transformation. They equip leaders with the necessary tools, strategies, and insights to foster a dynamic and inspiring culture within their organization. They provide a roadmap for leaders, guiding them on the journey towards creating an effective work culture.

But what sets a great workplace culture speaker apart is their ability to inspire. They don’t just talk about change; they ignite the spark that drives it. They share relatable insights and provide actionable steps, making the process of improving workplace culture a tangible and achievable goal.

When leaders refine their abilities and create an effective work culture, the ripple effect is profound. The entire organization begins to move in sync, working towards growth and improved performance. Employees feel valued and motivated, productivity increases, and the organization becomes a place where people want to work.

A great workplace culture speaker does more than just speak. They inspire, motivate, and empower leaders to make positive changes that resonate throughout the entire organization.

Top 5 Workplace Culture Speakers in the $15,000–$30,000 Fee Range

Here are our picks for the top six workplace culture speakers in the $15,000–$30,000 fee range.

1. Matt Tenney

Matt Tenney, a visionary in workplace culture, is renowned for delivering powerful, actionable ideas that help leaders improve employee engagement and performance. His journey from prisoner to monk to social entrepreneur serves as an inspiring backdrop for his keynotes.

His TED talk has garnered over a million views, and his three leadership books, including the highly acclaimed Inspire Greatness: How to Motivate Employees with a Simple, Repeatable, Scalable Process, have made a significant impact. Matt’s clients include Fortune 500 companies and national associations, attesting to his ability to inspire positive change in workplace cultures.

His speeches end with a powerful reminder to prioritize helping others, leaving attendees feeling deeply inspired. Many people who have attended his speeches have commented that they were the best they have ever heard

Demo Video for Those Planning a Leadership Meeting

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Demo Video for Conference Planners

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2. Charlene Wheeless

Charlene Wheeless, a distinguished communications leader and keynote speaker, is celebrated for her insightful perspectives on corporate leadership and business evolution. Her career, marked by empowerment and a growth mindset, resonates worldwide. 

As Principal VP of Corporate Affairs for a $40 billion infrastructure company, Charlene led communications, reputation risk management, and sustainability. Her book, You Are Enough! Reclaiming Your Career and Your Life with Purpose, Passion, and Unapologetic Authenticity guides individuals seeking growth, emphasizing authenticity and empowerment. 

On stage, Charlene’s authentic storytelling, drawn from her experiences as a black female executive and cancer survivor, captivates audiences. Her profound message of choosing “CHOICE, not CHANCE” inspires intentional culture-building and leadership development.

Watch Charlene’s Speaking Demo Reel

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3. Mark Scharenbroich

Mark Scharenbroich, a renowned keynote speaker and author of Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life, is an expert in forging authentic connections and inspiring transformation in corporate cultures. His “Nice Bike” metaphor, a memorable principle, empowers leaders to connect more effectively with their teams and customers, creating raving fans one at a time. 

Mark’s presentations blend high-impact stories, brilliant comedic timing, and actionable strategies. He takes his audience on an emotional roller coaster ride that leaves them laughing one moment and moved to tears the next. 

Whether addressing a Fortune 500 company, a national association, or a school district, Mark’s keynotes leave a lasting impression, enhancing the quality of connections and driving the pursuit of excellence.

Watch Mark’s Official Keynote Preview

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4. Cara Silletto

Cara Silletto, MBA, CSP, is a recognized workforce thought leader who works tirelessly to reduce unnecessary employee turnover by bridging generational gaps and enhancing managerial effectiveness. 

With an MBA from the top-ranked University of Louisville Entrepreneurship program and experience teaching German executives about U.S. business practices, Cara founded her workforce retention consulting firm, Magnet Culture, in 2012. As the author of Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer, she’s a sought-after national speaker, delivering 50 to 100 engaging talks annually. 

As one of the pioneering Millennials in the workforce, Cara absorbed invaluable insights about professionalism and management expectations from her Baby Boomer and GenX mentors. Named a “Game Changer” by Workforce Magazine and listed in’s “Top 10 Company Culture Experts to Watch,” Cara’s influence in the field is undeniable.

Watch Cara’s LED Talk

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5. Dr . Jessica Kriegel

Dr. Jessica Kriegel has been a guiding force for global and Fortune 100 organizations, helping them create intentional cultures that boost performance. Her unique ability to analyze organizations both qualitatively and quantitatively and foster measurable growth has made her an invaluable ally for global leaders and teams.

After earning her MBA, Jessica embarked on a mission to quantify culture, driven by her experiences with stressed leaders struggling to meet financial goals. Her doctoral research and consulting work with giants like Oracle and Lockheed Martin led to the Culture Equation, a tested model that combines strategy with eight measurable “Culture Dynamic Drivers” to empower consistent results. 

Leveraging more than 15 years of comprehensive international organizational research and proficiency, Jessica offers a pragmatic and potent roadmap for shaping intentional cultures that yield tangible outcomes.

Watch Jessica’s Stage Intro Video

Muriel Call

Muriel Call

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