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Henry Penix on The Business Leadership Today Podcast


In this episode we talked with global entrepreneur, two-time author, speaker, investor, and adviser, Henry Penix.

Henry is the co-founder and executive chairman of Soaak Technologies, an organization that aims to optimize health and wellness by using a whole-person approach that includes brain mapping, thermal imaging, pathogen testing, and more.

Henry has won the National Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award, been recognized for the Top 50 fastest-growing companies in the state, received commendations from the Senate and House of Representatives, and had the honor of winning the SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

In this episode, Matt and Henry discuss the struggles of securing funding as a young entrepreneur as well as how adversity taught Henry to shift his focus in communication towards creating mutual benefit for all parties involved.

Here is a link to the Soaak Technologies website:

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