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Louis Gump on The Business Leadership Today Podcast


In this episode we talked with former Weather Channel VP and author, Louis Gump.

Louis is the former head of CNN Mobile as well as the former VP of mobile at The Weather Channel. During his time with these organizations, he was responsible for several innovations within both companies, and is responsible for shepherding both The Weather Channel and CNN into becoming two of the most visited mobile destinations in the U.S.

Louis is now the author of The Inside Innovator: A Practical Guide to Intrapreneurship, a book on creating and leading innovation within an already existing large organization.

In this episode, Louis is going to share about his time as the head of Mobile at the Weather Channel when he faced what seemed to be an impossible deadline to ship a product.

Here is a link to the Louis’ book:
The Inside Innovator: A Practical Guide to Intrapreneurship

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Louis’ Podcast Interview

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