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Laurie Sudbrink On Improving Employee Engagement Through Understanding


In this episode we talked with author and leadership coach Laurie Sudbrink and discussed the top 7 most important things that a leader needs to do to improve employee engagement.

Laurie is president and founder of Unlimited Coaching Solutions, which specializes in improving workplace performance and employee engagement.

Laurie is also the author of Leading With GRIT which was was nominated for Leadership Book of the Year with L&MB Magazine, and has also been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, AMA, and Training Magazine.

With almost three decades of executive coaching, leadership training, speaking, and most importantly, real-life business experience, her approach is unique. Laurie knows that leadership is not about title, power or position.

Join us as we discuss with Laurie how to improve employee engagement. Hear stories from Laurie that serve as examples as how one of the first steps in creating a highly engaged team is to help each team member understand themselves and one another. Learn how understanding behavior and avoiding reading into intent will help your team become more engaged and effective.

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Laurie’s Top 7

1. Know Thyself, And Accept Who You Are. It Starts Inside (Truth)

“So much of it is about our mindset. So with that first truth, the self-awareness and acceptance of being solid with ourselves. That helps us to be more confident, genuinely confident. And that confidence is what inspires other people.” – Laurie Sudbrink

2. Be True To Yourself. Focus Your Thoughts, Beliefs And Actions According To Your Truth.  (Integrity)

“Integrity is what action you are taking. But before we can really start to look at our actions, it’s our thoughts and beliefs that drive our actions, it’s what is underlying. Being aware of our thoughts and actions is really critical.” – Laurie Sudbrink

3. Respect Yourself First. Implementing #1 & #2 Shows Respect For Yourself. (Respect)

“Respecting ourselves is taking care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves as a human being first so that you can show up to your position of leadership as the best you can be.” – Laurie Sudbrink

4. Respect Others – Emotional Intelligence (Respect)

“To respect other people, we have to understand other people. When we start to understand that, we can start to respect and appreciate those differences.” – Laurie Sudbrink

5. Have A Servant Leadership Mentality (Generosity)

“Servant leadership is no more than considering what needs to happen as a whole, rather than just thinking what needs to happen at the top.” – Laurie Sudbrink

6. Give And Receive. Keep The Flow Going.  (Generosity)  

“To not be able to receive stops the flow for people. I can’t give if you won’t receive, and that really can cause problems.” – Laurie Sudbrink

7. Celebrate. Take Time To Appreciate, Feel Gratitude, And Enjoy The Present Moment.

“The habit of having fun, relaxing, and enjoying can help us not only bond as a team; but there is a lot of research to back up that it helps us be more innovative and creative.” – Laurie Sudbrink

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