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Lisa Baker on Eliminating Toxicity and Building Authentic Relationships in the Workplace


In this episode we talked with Lisa Baker and discussed eliminating toxicity and building authentic relationships in the workplace.

Lisa has over two decades of extraordinary success in a series of leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies that include Synchrony, Microsoft, Citigroup, and Bank One.

At Synchrony, a company with over 16,000 employees, was a Senior Vice President and General Manager in charge of growing the $2.5B eBay credit portfolio.

At age 54 Lisa retired to pursue her dream of helping others to reach their peak and founded Ascentim LLC, a coaching practice that guides its clients to live more meaningful and abundant lives.

Join us as we discuss with Lisa how to eliminate toxicity and build authentic relationships in the workplace. Hear Lisa share her personal story of dealing with toxicity in the workplace. Learn with us the 5 C’s Lisa has defined that are key to eliminating toxicity and building positive and impactful relationships.

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Lisa’s Top 5

1. Clarify

Culture norms and expectations must be clear to everyone. It’s equally important to demonstrate what is and is not acceptable behavior as well as the consequences for toxic. It’s important for leaders to model what they want to see from their team.

2. Connect

Building meaningful relationships with your team and others inside and outside the organization is essential. Leaders need to create an inclusive environment that has an “open-door” policy, so the team feels comfortable sharing their experiences. As individuals we must be willing to invest time to get to know people (and allow them to know us) on a personal level.

3. Communicate

If you see something, say something. Too often we hold in negative emotions and allow them to fester. Be willing to have the crucial conversations that are essential to a healthy relationships and work environments. Have the conversation with the right person. Set boundaries. Focus on behaviors.

4. Confront

You cannot conquer what you’re unwilling to confront. Don’t put off difficult conversations. Swift action is necessary to prevent negative behaviors from creating a toxic culture.

5. Choose

Decide what action you will take if someone who is causing toxicity in the organization does not respond positively to culture, connection, communication, or confrontation. It’s better to terminate one toxic person than to lose many good people because of that individual.

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