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Recent Articles

How Leaders Impact Culture

Leaders impact culture by establishing and clarifying norms that guide employees’ behaviors, maintaining working conditions that are conducive to collaboration

How To Be an Effective Leader

If leaders want to address disengagement effectively, they need to lead effectively. This means making sure they are managing their

Having a Leader Is Important

Having a leader is important because of the leader’s impact on the employee experience. When the employee experience is positive,

How Leaders Motivate Their Team

Leaders motivate their team by communicating effectively, giving feedback, recognizing contributions, being flexible, providing autonomy, encouraging collaboration, maintaining a healthy

The 8 Types of Leadership

The eight types of leadership are autocratic, bureaucratic, transactional, democratic, laissez-faire, charismatic, transformational, and servant. Leaders often incorporate different elements

The Key to Effective Leadership

The key to effective leadership is inspiring teams to do great work by maintaining good communication—through frequent feedback, expectation setting,

The 7 Leadership Traits

The seven leadership traits that help leaders build influence and trust with their teams are accountability, adaptability, authenticity, communication, compassion,